World War II

World War II


Totalitarian States

Germany Post WW1

Hitler’s Rise To Power

The Breakdown of Peace

WW II Conflict in the Making ~ notes

Notes on the War ~ an overview of all key points


Background to WWII

Causes of WW II

Events of the War ~ map

Hitler and the Nazi Party ~ notes

What Hitler believed in

Battles of the war ~ notes

Stages of Isolation ~ notes

The war at home ~ notes

Japanese Internment



Was appeasement a mistake?

Timeline of WW2 Battles

Propaganda assignment

Chronology of WWII

WW II Map Criteria – this is on your Classroom

WW II Movie Review

Canada’s Role ~ questions

Globe and Mail Article – Japanese Interment

WW II newspaper Assignment

Newspaper Template 1

Newspaper Template 2

Newspaper Template 3

Lessons of the Holocaust


How did Hitler come to power?

Hitler’s Rise to Power

How Hitler reformed the German economy

Political Choices in the 1930’s

WWII Battles powerpoint 

D-Day Overview

Holocaust Power Point


Links About This Event

World War II Site from BBC – An Incredibly in-depth site

Timeline: Persecution and Genocide Under the Nazis 1933 – 1945

World War II ~ BBC Flash movies

D Day Clockwatch ~ The Longest Day

Veterans Affairs ~ Canada’s Involvement in

Second World War – Fact Sheets (Canadian Involvement)

Canada and the Second World War ~ Canadian War Museum

Juno Beach Center

Remembrances ~ Canada and the Second World War (Nizkor) is a Hebrew word which means “We will remember.

Storming Juno Beach Game

Canada at War

Canada Declares War – news article


World War II Interactive Map

What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II


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