Cold War and Canadian Identity


Cold war notes

Cold War overview notes

End of the Cold War

Canada ~ US relations

Canada ~ US – Interdependent?

Canada in the world

Social issues in Canada

Canadian Culture

Quebec notes

The Canadian condition

Canada as Peacekeepers

Canadian Troops Overseas 1990’s

List of Canadian Peace Keeping Missions

French/English Relations 1950’s and 1960’s

French/English Relations 1970’s

French/English Relations 1980’s and 1990’s

Now, Quebec Must To Decide What To Stand Up For – article 



Cold War Conflicts Chart

soviet propogandavintage-home-front-posters-04

Cold War Propaganda Posters:

Chose one Soviet and one American or Canadian poster from the cold war era.  Copy them into a word doc and use the following questions to do a critical review of the posters.

In point for or paragrpah answers:

1. Who made—and who sponsored—this message, and for what purpose?
2. Who is the target audience, and how is the message specifically tailored to that audience?
3. What are the different techniques used to inform, persuade, entertain, and attract attention?
4. What messages are communicated (and/or implied) about certain people, places, events, behaviors, lifestyles, etc.?
5. How current, accurate, and credible is the information in this message?
6. What is left out of this message that might be important to know?

The Art And Ideology of Another Time – Huffington Post 

Canada’s Development Essay Outline

Canada’s Development Through the Decades

Should Quebec Separate from Canada?

Should Quebec Separate from Canada? – key


Cold War Overview


Links About This Event
Moment in time, 1961: East Germany cuts off access to West Berlin

A short history of Canada ~ Wikipedia

National Geographic Profile of Canada

Canada Site – Federal Government

About Canada ~ excellent site for all things Canadian

Souvenir of Canada ~ Douglas Copeland (all things quirky in Canada – check it out!)

Canadian Doctor Remembers the Overwhelming Guilt About the Rwandan Genocide

Twenty years after Rwanda, the world has learned nothing

What happened in Rwanda is happening again in Central African Republic

Rwanda genocide: Canadian soldiers struggle with psychological legacy

The Vietnam War – in Pictures (


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