How Should We Decide?

Leadership Styles

History of Voting Rights in Canada

BC Election 2017 – 20 hot topics & where each party stands

Basic Platform of the Federal Parties (2015 election)

Examining the Political Spectrum

The Basic Political Spectrum

World’s Smallest Political Quiz

Vote Compass – take the test!

The Self Government Compass

Our Country Our Parliament – fantastic e-book on how Canadian Parliament works

Check out, which is supported by CIVIX,  which is an excellent site on youth voter engagement

Governance and Democracy – slides

Rights and Responsibilities in a Democracy – slides

Government in Canada – slides

Government Responsibilities

Political Parties – slides

Ridings and Local Candidates – slides

Opinion Polling and Local Media – slides

The Voting Process – slides

Voter Turnout By Age Group

Branches of Government

Canada’s Constitution

Electoral System

Majority vs. Minority Governments


How a Bill becomes law

Follow that Bill – Interactive 

Drafting a Federal Bill


The Senate Notes

Canadian Charter Notes

Act as an MP and Set the Agenda for your day – game

A Week in the House of Commons

What’s In A Throne Speech video CBC


How a Bill Becomes A Law

Bill to Law – Interactive Site

Canada’s Parliament Diagram

Government Positions Chart – key

Discover the Legislature Questions

Introduction to the Charter ~ questions


Links About This Event

Vote Compass – take the test!
Parliament of Canada – Interactive Materials
How Canadians Govern Themselves – interactive
Virtual Tour of the Canadian Parliament

Virtual Charter – CCRF

Discover Your Legislature

Test Your Knowledge of B.C.’s Legislature


Political Spectrum Quiz (a bit more pop cultural)

Nation States Simulation Game

Campaign Fever – from Unknown

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