Canada in the 1920s and 30s


The World Economy in the 1920’s

The King-Byng Crisis

The Growth of Canadian Independence

Causes of the Depression ~ notes

Economic Cycles & Government Responses to the Depression

Responses to the Depression~ Canada & the USA

Consequences of the Depression ~ notes

Aboriginal Nations ~ Missing the Roar

Counterpoints Chapter Summary notes

CBC ~ A Lost heritage: Canada’s Residential School’s

Immigration Issues Overview

Lament for Confederation – Chief Dan George, 1967

Establishing the Welfare State in Canada



Canadian Artists’s in the 1920’s assignment – Art For War And Peace weblink

Read the original article in Boulevard Magazine here

Was Canada More or Less Independent in the 1920’s?



King-Byng Steps to Independence

Interwar Years – Roaring Twenties

The Suffragists Keynote

Canada 1930’s Overview

The Depression Overview


Links About This Event

The Famous Five Profiles

The Group of Seven : Painters in the Wilderness (sound & clips)

The Group of Seven ~ Virtual Museum

The Group of Seven

McMichael Gallery ~ Collection of the Group of Seven

Emily Carr ~ Collections Canada

Emily Carr House~ Victoria

Art History Guide

Canada’s Greatest Artists

The Chinese Canadian Historical Photo Exhibit

Truth and Reconciliation

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