Canada and World War I



Fundamental Causes of the Great War


Background Causes to WWI – organizer

Motives for Going to War

Battles of World War I

Technology in the War

Canada’s Involvement in World War 1

Conscription Notes

End of the Great War

League of Nations

Woman in the First World War

Overview notes of the War

List of Counties Who Participated in WW1

How Did So Many Soldiers Survive the Trenches?

What if the Kaiser had won the war?


Canadians on the Battlefield (word version)

Canadians on the Battlefield key

Timeline of World War 1 Assignment

Ism’s Assignment

Battles of the Great War assignment

Dulce Et Decorum Est – poem

The #‎BelleLetters‬ – Fort Rodd Hill tells the heart-wrenching story of a normal family in British Columbia faced with World War I.  Parks Canada Site


Causes of the Great War (slide show)

World War I overview (slide show)

World War I Key Points (slide show)

From Vimy to Versailles – Canada’s Involvement (slide show)

Technology in the War (slide show)

The War at Home (slide show)


Links About This Event
War Museum – WW1

World War I in Photos

First World – excellent site

Video Clip ~ On of Canada’s Last WWI Vets dies

World War One Overview – PBS

World War One Timelines

BBC ~ World War One Movies

The Western Front – Animation of the Battles

Life in the trenches – panorama

Trench Warfare simulation game

Over the Top Simulation Game

World War When? game

Weapons and Warfare ~ Primary Sources

Trench Virtual Tours

A Tour of the Somme

Soldier’s Stories

Vimy Ridge

Vimy Ridge Remembered ~ CBC

Silent News Reel ~ Canadians Capture Vimy Ridge

The Halifax Explosion

Remembering the Halifax Explosion

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