World War II

General Intro to the War

Outbreak of the War

Fall of France – Dunkirk

Battle of Britain

Churchill’s Island by Stuart Legg, National Film Board of Canada

War in the Mediterranean

War in Eastern Europe


War in the Atlantic

The Eastern Front

The Second Front

Berlin, 1945


War in the Pacific

The Rising Sun

Japan and the USA

War in the Pacific

Road to Tokyo

The Manhattan Project


End of the War

War Conferences

War Crimes

Notes on the War ~ an overview of key points
List of World War 2 Battles (Wikipedia)
Canadian Battles in WW2

Theatres of War – Collaborative Overview   Block 1       Block 2

Major Events of the War – Collaboration with Google Docs – Block 1

Major Events of the War – Collaboration with Google Docs – Block 2


World War Two Research Project (driving question – copy this google doc and share it with me so we can collaborate)

Research Project marking Rubric

War Crimes Position Paper


World War II Site from BBC – An Incredibly in-depth site

Timeline: Persecution and Genocide Under the Nazis 1933 – 1945

World War II ~ BBC Flash movies


Canada and the Second World War (Nizkor) is a Hebrew word which means “We will remember.

Storming Juno Beach Game

Canada at War


World War II Interactive Map

Operation Market Garden

Inside The Führerbunker, Where Hitler Spent His Final Days

What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II

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