Versailles and Treaty of Paris

 40 maps that explain World War I
Causes and Consequences of WW1


Treaty of Versailles

League of Nations

Article 22 Mandates

European Security



The Treaty of Versailles

Attack on Paris an assault on the city itself – Doug Saunders, the Globe and Mail

What Will Come After Paris – NY Times Editorial

Why the ethnic walls are rising in the Mideast


Simulation of the Treaty of Versailles

Write up: From your country’s perspective, how successful were you, historically in negotiating your position/goals during the Paris Peace Conference? Be detailed, have a central position you were working from. Marked on the 6 point scale.

Dispatches From Afar Project

Lessons from History? The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 – Margaret MacMillan

1/2 page (min) response to the article: Was the Treaty of Versailles a cumbersome document that couldn’t be enforced or was there a lack of will to govern a New Europe?  Discuss with references from the article.

BBC archives

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